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Pris 28500.-

Hvis man ønsker det, kan RKV MARK III oven i købet benyttes som forstærker til letdrevne højtalere. Alt efter impedans yder forstærkeren mellem 8-12 Watt!

Inkl fjernbetjent volumenkontrol og MM Riaa.

Fås valgfrit med sølv eller guld betjeningsknapper.

Kan udbygges med intern USB DAC for 7500.-


consequence double mono design

2 * 0,15mm copper for top and bottom layer

multi VIA layer grounding basis, pcb design is based on the theoretical principles of the "kelvin - wiring"

heavy 3 mm laser cuted steel case - couted

clipping indicator ( show you faulty tube or overload )

8 power tubes ( 4 per channel ) - PCL805

full automatic DC / AC servo biasing

multi match transfomers ( PIKATRON ) included

power output mode selector - OTL / match - transfomers

ALPS volume control

BALANCE pot. +/- 3dB

2 * NEUTRIK output combi headphone jackets - 6,3mm & XLR

5 * inputs; 2 * RCA & XLR; 2 * RCA only; 1* RCA phono MM out

1 * RCA - REC output, offer all connected soures and PHONO too for sec. line ( pre ) amps

1 * pair XLR jackets for "power out" for power amps ( OTL output ratio: 10:1 )

4 * isolated heavy gold plated stereo speaker terminals

green illuminated main power switch for power ON mode

heating and plate voltage "soft start" circuit

headphone protector circuit

reversible heating / plate current limiter

installed OPA 134

highly accurate implementated stereo MM phono modul - "old school design"

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