300 B Plus


High End Stereo


Mastersound 300B Plus monoblokke


98000.- pr sæt


Parallel singleended klasse "A"


30 Watt pr blok


Chassis i antimagnetisk rustfrit stål AISI 304


Udgangsrør pr blok: 2 X 300 B


Driverrør: 6SN7 GT


Input: 1 x RCA


Input impedans 100K OHM


Inputfølsomhed: 1 volt


Udgangstransformer Mastersound


Højtalertilslutning: 4 og 8 ohm


Modkobling: 0 dB


Båndbredde: 1 Hz / 100 kHz - 0 dB


Dimensioner: 43 x 33 x 24,5 cm.


Vægt: 22,5 kg. per enhed


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“This new Mastersound product is a big evolution in the concept of final amplifier. All the high technology of our Top Level, the “PF100 Limited” entered in this new Power Amplifier. The soundstage is very impressive, and the tube 300B give us all their magic, for a perfect and refined listening. “