High End Stereo


Mastersound Dueundici


2 x 11 Watt i Classe "A"




Udgangsrør: 2 x EL34


Driverrør: 2 x ECC802


Indgange: 3 Linie


Højtalerudgange 4-8 ohm


Modkobling: 0 dB


Udgangstransformatore Mastersound


Automatisk biasjustering


Chassis i antimagnetisk rustfrit stål


Dimensioner: 40,5 x 29,5 x 20 cm.


Vægt: 15 kg

" Mastersound Dueundici pleases with a warmish timbre, exceptional fluidity, a long-term non-fatiguing well resolved treble and a very embodied spatially involving presentation. If on top of it all you'll admire an attractive packaging without bling but flawless workmanship, you better plan an audition with your nearby Mastersound dealer."



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